Foil Blocking

These print finishing options can provide the ultimate in decorative appeal.

What is foil blocking?

Foil blocking, also known as hot foil stamping, is the process of applying a foil to a solid surface, using a heated metal die. Below is one of our foiling machines which is capable of running anything up to A1 in size.

There is little limitations foil colour as they extend to an impressive range of pigmented, holographic and security foils. All of these can be combined with embossed images to produce varying tactile effects. These combinations will enhance the printed message and provide shelf appeal for greetings cards, stationery, magazine covers, brochures. Large selection available, Gold foiling, Silver foiling, Pearl foiling, Clear Gloss or Matt foiling and many more.

Here at LEA Printers we have got many years of experience in Foil Blocking, with everything done under one roof. Whether it is a set of business cards or some luxury invitations you want foiled, we cover them all, we can even foil block A1 posters.  For more information or if you would like a free quote please call our sales team on 0800 888 6511.