Setting Up Artwork For Print

Setting up artwork for printing is quite straight forward, even for those people who are new to it. Artwork can be produced on an Apple Macintosh or a Windows PC with most mainstream programs.

Adobe CS Suite and legacy – Latest versions and legacy

MS Publisher or MS Word

These may produce unexpected colour/quality results. It is wise to send a proof with the job also to ensure that any embedded tiffs/eps files are cmyk and high resolution.

Please ensure that all images, graphics and fonts used in the construction of the document are included in a collect for output before sending to us if using Quark. It is important that you supply all fonts used in your layout. If you do not supply fonts in your artwork file, we will request that you resubmit your files with fonts included.

If you have vector artwork and your file is missing fonts, you can open your file in Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand, select “Create Outlines”, save your fonts, re-save your artwork file.

If you have artwork that is rasterized, you can open your file in Photoshop and select “Flatten the Layers”, re-save your artwork file. Images should be CMYK and at a resolution of minimum 300dpi, maximum 1200dpi for bitmap files.

Image Formats

Tiff, EPS, PSD or jpeg format files are acceptable. Remember to convert images to 8 bit CMYK.
If you are not able to do this, please tell us and we will convert the files for you.


Bleed of minimum 3mm should be allowed on all trimmed edges of the job.

Trapping and reversed out text

If your job has reversed out text, we will need to set the trapping for you. Just tell us on what pages the reversed out text appears and we will set it up for you.

How to send artwork to LEA Printers

Digital artwork can be supplied in the following ways:

– Email
– PC/Macintosh format CD or DVD
– USB Stick or Key
– By FTP. Click here to register for our FTP service and to request a user name and password.