Pre Press

Our facilities provide multiple checkpoints in the preparation of your files by using XMF the revolutionary PDF workflow solution from Fujifilm.

XMF breaks new boundaries in print production automation, delivering unprecedented benefits to our customers in terms of productivity, automation, flexibility, ease of use, intelligence and communication. Now with XMF Remote the customer can upload, soft proof, annotate for correction and approve all online. This can centralise job production where there are many approvers.

We deal with all the major software packages such as, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, along with all industry standard software.

Our Scanning, Proofing and CTP system are accurate and reliable, such is the success of the department we now offer a pre-press service to other trade printers and organisations.

These are just some of the pre press services that LEA Printers offers:


All our CMYK and RGB high resolution scans are produced using our High-End Scanner, this ensures a greater optical resolution, density and superior detail. Whether it’s a transparency, print, artwork or original painting, we can scan to the size of a “matchbox” or “house side”.

Each image is then checked for colour accuracy and can be altered, enhanced or we can add a selection of effects to achieve your desired result. The final image can then be either emailed, put on CD, or placed on our FTP site, and if required, proofed using ISO colour accurate digital print.

Colour Management

Our Colour Management system means we can now accurately measure the proofs, printing plates and printed sheets using the latest technology. Using Densitometers we can constantly feed information back into the Pre-press workflow and make adjustments where necessary to ensure colour consistency.

The benefit to our working practice especially to our customers is our colour excellence. Gone are the days when colour consistency were an issue. The ability to produce the same results time after time guarantees the protection of your brand and corporate image, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Creative Re-Touching

We cover all forms of retouching whether it’s combining separate elements, colour correcting, image restoration or simply retouching an image to save an expensive photo re-shoot.


CTP has several advantages over conventional plate making. In CTP, one generation (transfer of film image to the printing plate) is removed from the printing process (eliminating the need for film and related developer chemicals), increasing sharpness and detail.

CTP avoids potential losses in quality that may occur during film processing, including scratches in the film, and variations in the exposure. An imagesetter usually has an accuracy rate of +/-2%. Plates are produced in less time, are more consistent, and at a lower cost. CTP can also improve registration and image-to-edge repeatability over traditional methods.