Finishing is the general term used to define anything done to a print after the printing process is completed.

What is Print Finishing?

Print Finishing is considered a value-added process and includes laminating, die cutting, numbering, stitching, folding, foil blocking etc. All of these options will effect both the cost and the look of a finished print job. To help you understand these, we try to explain here exactly what some of these terms mean and what implications print finishing options may have for any print job.

These are just some of the print finishing services that LEA Printers offers:


Often with lamination you might not actually see the laminate which is a thin plastic coating heat sealed onto the paper. You will however feel it as it creates a smooth and impervious finish. This will likely be a matt laminate. Gloss lamination is more readable and again adds to the tactile quality of a page. Often lamination is used as a print finishing option to increase the life of printed brochures, reports and accounts, book jackets and most other forms of printed material.

Die Cutting and Creasing

Our cutting and creasing machines are capable of producing a variety of print finishing techniques including Kiss-Cutting, Die cutting, Creasing, Perforating & Embossing. The machines can work on a minimum sheet size of A4 up to a maximum sheet size SRA1. We are able to run material from 70gsm to 600 Micron.

Guillotining, Punching, Drilling and Square Back Binding

Our guillotines are fitted with High Speed Tungsten Carbide blades which give much longer lifetimes between blade changes and a much improved quality of cut over the standard style of blade.

Numbering, Perforating and Collating

Sequential numbering can be applied to pre printed items such as invoices, delivery notes vouchers and tickets and other multi part sets.

Perforating can be applied at the same time as numbering. A useful print finishing option as it allows easy tear off of ticket stubs and simple removal of copies from duplicate books.

Collating Copied and digitally printed jobs can be collated at the time of print. Litho printed un collated sheets can be collated up to six different sheets at one time.

Folding and Gate Folding

2 MBO folders. B1 with gate folding facility.