Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing is all company speed, efficiency and accuracy.

What LEA adds to this hi-tech formula, is a highly valued personal touch. As a mailing house we provide sophisticated and integrated printing and direct mail solutions.

With our comprehensive facilities and our client focused approach to customer service even the most complicated mail shot can be managed to deliver a high quality, high speed and value for money solution. We have many years experience in delivering different types of direct mailing and marketing campaigns for our customers targeting prospects both here in the UK and internationally.

We offer the following direct mail production services:

  • Letter and document text setting
  • Laser personalising of letters, order forms or multi-part questionnaires
  • Inkjet personalising of your flyer, postcard or envelope
  • Artwork editing and layout
  • Print finishing
  • Folding and enclosing – by hand or machine
  • Mail sort, walk sort, press-stream and mail despatch
  • Overseas postal discounts